Friday, February 1, 2008

a few random things...

Ok first things first.

I LOVE that jackson pollock thing I put on here. 
It is so fun! You can do it over and over again
and it's never the same! Also you should check out   its great.

Secondly, I don't know if you know about
Daxflame, on youtube.. but if not, you should
check it out..  My dad showed it to me, 
and at first I thought it was really weird.
but now its just weird AND hilarious.
I cant figure out if it's real, 
or if that kid is just a genius.

And lastly. You need to watch this:

I'd never felt such admiration for Letterman
as I did after I watched this.


mm jw said...

So your dad showed you Daxflame. Ha!! I went and found it - and well, what can one say? You DO have to see it to believe it. (I saw the one about throwing up his heart. And the one about him modeling clothes for a trip or something - it may have been the same video about the heart. (I saw 2). Anyway, my jaw was on the floor.

Thanks for broadening my world!

laura said...

That made me loose admiration for Letterman. He was just using Paris for a laugh. I mean, I never watch Letterman, maybe he does it with everyone, but as obnxious Paris is, I felt bad for her.

*Caroline* said...

haha I know, you're right Laura, he was a huge jerk to her. But, I gotta say, I'm sick of everyone letting her get away with stuff just cuz shes a celebrity. I thought it was about time someone made her at least a little uncomfortable about her ridiculousness..

Echo - Bear Valley said...
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Echo - Bear Valley said...

I don't think Caroline's admiration for Letterman stems from his "using Paris for a laugh" (even though it is a comedy show, and Paris knew that when she agreed to do the interview). It seems that what is to be admired here is the fact that most members in the media (talk shows especially) seem to have an unusual fear of upsetting celebrities by asking real questions. If you don't think this is true, go to YouTube and watch Regis and Kelly's interview with Katie Holmes last week. Everyone saw how Tom Cruise went berserk at Matt Lauer, and now everyone is gun shy. And not only has Paris Hilton been coddled by the media, she had, within a week of this interview, been coddled by the LA County Sheriff's office. I think Letterman was using humor to point out his own disdain for celebrity worship as well as people who knowingly drive drunk. This was the first interview Paris took after being released from jail and had Letterman avoided these questions and asked only questions about perfume he would have been regarded by his peers as a completely useless has-been. Letterman was forced to be relevant and funny at the same time, which always has the potential to ruffle feathers and cause people to "lose admiration" for him, but at least he's not afraid of the people that he's forced to interview. Also, Paris Hilton was on Letterman again last night, so I think she survived the trauma of a late-night comedian's audacity to try and make an interview with her funny and relevant.

Also, I believe this is the very first time I've commented on anybody's blog. Thank you.


*Caroline* said...

whoa-ho! first time eh? I feel honored!
also, wow, i didn't mean to start a whole thing here...

Bailey Jo said...

I saw the comment you left Will about Yoav...we play him at work. I've never actually heard him because I don't pay attention to the music while I'm working and it's hard to hear. BUT he's popular and other people seem to like him.

Also, I left a comment about Letterman the other day, but I guess I deleted it? Or maybe you did? Anyway, it said that I did feel bad for Paris because what she did is in the past, but I like that he was blunt with her and acknowledged her stupidity. He's funny.

laura said...

geez rob, have a cow.