Sunday, April 6, 2008



thats really 
all i can say...


mm jw said...

Disturbing is right.
But what can you expect in this day and age where weirdness - and perversion- happens?
(Maybe I need to be more 'tolerant'.)

mm jw said...

You're right - on your comment to my comment. (I was being sarcastic when I made that tolerant remark. - oh yeah, no one can hear the tone of my voice!)

Seriously, that is sick - and the fact that that guy/girl is flaunting his/her pregnancy on Oprah and stuff is sick. Well, 'sick' isn't the word. It's perverted. Evil. Horrible.

Wow, you got me started and now I can't quit.

Board meeting next week? You and I can be together when Sam is in meetings on Thursday afternoon. It will be fun. (No pressure, though. You may have stuff to do here, of course.)