Tuesday, June 3, 2008

so over pictures...

I know that's probably a bad thing,

seeing as how
taking pictures is my livelyhood...
but i need a break from looking at them
for a while.

i finally finished all of 
whitney's wedding pictures..
all 1200 of them... 
they are uploading onto 
her personall gallery 
as we speak.

and today i took pictures
of my newborn baby nephew.
i really did enjoy that.
he is just tooooo adorable!
i'll share some with you here:


mm jw said...

Darling pictures!

And your invitation is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

i want a baby!!!!!

and a wedding...

geez louise--you are getting married so soon and i can't wait!!!

except i'm probably gonna be tanner than you ahahaha

laura said...

regarding your question--i don't think baylor has any grad art programs. i could ask around though, and you could check the website if you haven't already.