Wednesday, March 11, 2009



i have so much
to catch up on
here in the
blogging world.
however i will
just start with
our trip to 
new york city!
it was a long trip
so here is just a short
Monday we arrived 
in NYC, checked into
our hotel which turned out 
to be itsy bitsy and 
somewhat crazy,
so we moved.
went to a Jimmy Eat World
concert in the upper west side, 

i broke my ankle, 
walked on it the whole next day
till i couldn't anymore,
went to the ER, 
got crutches, 

went to a broadway show,
met lauren graham there

next day to Ellis Island and
Statue of Liberty,

went to 30 rock
and sat in on a test taping
of the Late Night show with
Jimmy Fallon

we went to our conference
(the international arts movement)
and met some amazing people, 
some being:
makoto fujimura, helen sung, 
matt kearney, billy collins
we went to 
3 more broadway shows, 
saw more celebrities,
(nathan lane, 
matthew broderick, 
and more)
rode the subway a lot, 
(or crutched rather)
a lot, 
got stuck there
because of  a blizzard,
but we are home.
and it is much warmer here.
thank goodness...

and that in a nutshell
(a tiny one)
was our trip!


Nancy said...

Great post and pictures!

laura said...

wow! sounds like a crazy good trip (as in it was crazy and it was good)! I can't believe you met lorelei! so cool!