Wednesday, April 15, 2009


4 of our planet's

6 Billion people
live in conditions that
are unimaginable
to a lot of people,
including me,
before i went
to see it for myself.

one of the biggest problems,
that may seem like a little one,
is that most of the people
 in developing countries
do not have shoes, 
and thus are at risk of injuries
which lead to infections,
which often lead to amputations
and or mutilation of feet.
lots of children cannot receive
an education because shoes are 
a required part of the dress code.

i own a 
amount of shoes.
and if you're at all
like me, you at least can 
afford more than 
one pair of shoes.
so I would encourage you
to participate in 
barefoot thursday.

don't wear shoes
to a meeting, or
in your classroom, 
or sitting around 
drinking coffee.
spread awareness.
and go to 
buy a pair of shoes,
and they will send a pair
to a child in need.
one for one. 


Nancy said...

I am barefoot now!!
Sam will be when he comes home!!

Great post.