Wednesday, April 1, 2009


i am about to leave

to shoot a wedding
in granbury tonight.
when i got the email
asking me to do this
wedding, on April 1,
i thought, 
no way,
this is a prank.
they're totally
going to get to the end
of the wedding and say
just kidding.
not really getting married...

but as it turns out
it's a real 
full blown 
at a fancy ballroom
on the lake.
cakes, tuxes,
the whole 9 yards.
the only thing
is that all the guests
coming to the wedding,
including the family,
don't know it's a wedding..
they think it's a dinner party
or something else,
i don't know.

that's probably
the wildest thing
i've heard in a while.

then bright and early
i'm leaving for 
the rest of the week
to shoot another wedding
at the beach.

i'm very excited.
i just love the beach.
even if i have to work...

it's a good week  
to get married.


Nancy said...

Have fun at the beach!
Be safe!
(I'm curious about that April 1st wedding - that's interesting!)