Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who needs sleep anyway

the middle of the night

and i
have become
this week.

while it's possible
the lack of sleep
has had me
a little beside myself
a few times,
and rob doesn't know
what to do with
his crying wife who's
holding his crying baby,
i've decided to embrace
those midnight hours...
after all,
i have sawyer all
to myself,
and that is precious.

a few pictures of our first week
home together:

first ride in the car
in his bouncy seat
nap time
manly bonding over xBox

a little video so you can see
him awake and looking around

i can't believe it's been
a week already!
i'm so glad i'm
not doing
what i was doing
this time last week...


laura said...

little baby yawn! so precious

Nancy said...

So sweet!

Love your pictures!

Sleep when you can!!!

(I'll call you soon.)

April said...

he is so. cute.
and those cheeks!

my fave pic is the xbox, rob is raising him well!

Being Beth said...

So precious! I like "Nap Time" best. What sweet baby sounds on that video.

Sleep whenever you get the chance.