Sunday, July 11, 2010

where to start?

so much has happened
since my last post,
i hardly know where to begin.
it has definitely been
one of the busiest, craziest,
awesomest months ever!

i guess i'll start with the biggest news:

we bought a house!!!
here are a few pictures!

we moved in july 1st.
and we love it already.
it was an enormous endeavor
to pack up every thing in just a few weeks,
with a 4 month old in one arm,
but we are so happy with this huge blessing
and are so excited to make it "ours".

this is rob signing closing paperwork
with our realtor (who is awesome)
and the title co. lady.
so exciting!!


sawyer went to his
first baseball game!
we got to sit in a private suite
and it was so cool!
we got free food and ice cream
and an indoor/outdoor box.
sawyer preferred to use his ice cream cup as a hat

sawyer has been teething
poor thing.
complete with the drooling,
chewing on everything
(mostly his fingers ^),
and fussiness :(
those little teeth are going
to poke through any day.
the dr. said it's pretty early,
but those pesky things are comin' anyway.
i will miss that little toothless grin
but new teeth means new adventures
and i'm excited about him
learning to eat solid foods soon.
yikes! i can't believe it!
he is growing so fast!
i know everyone says that.
but i guess you can't really understand
just how fast it really goes
until you are living it.
S had his 4 month check-up
and he is doing so great!
he weighs 16.3 lbs. and is 26.5" long!
i'm so grateful for my happy, healthy baby!

stay tuned for a 4th of July post
and more on our summer of fun!


Cassie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic with the finger in his mouth- PRICELESS! What a cutie pie!

Nancy said...

Darling pics!!

I think y'all are about the cutest family ever.
Oh my.

Love your new house.

Sarah Rogers said...

YAY and congrats on y'all's new house!!! It's gorgeous and so are you and Sawyer....okay and Rob! Can't wait to finally get together soon! Love you girlie!

Being Beth said...

Your house is beautiful! Congratulations!!! I cannot believe how much Sawyer has changed since I saw him last. He just keeps getting cuter all the time. I guess I need another Caroline and Sawyer visit.

laurakatherin said...

Your house looks amazing! My favorite part is the the deck in the backyard. That will be really nice once mosquito season is over.

And Sawyer is the cutest baby! And he is just getting cuter as he gets older.