Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my little eskimo

i know it's been
about forty-eight years
since i've written a post.
and we will catch up
on all the goings on
in another post.

but for now
i will just share
about my eskimo baby.

as anyone in texas will tell you,
the pigs have flown,
hell hath frozen over,
and texas has been snowed in
for the better part of a week and 1/2.

and as anyone not in texas will tell you,
texans just don't drive in this.
some will tell you they can,
but no.
no one can.
when the city lays down on the job
and doesn't sand the roads,
not even the busiest ones,
then it's just a mess of ice
everywhere you go.

or don't go,
since they shut down the whole metroplex
and no one left home.

so we stayed home
and played in the snow.
and can i just tell you
how much sawyer
loved it?!
he has never had such delight
as when i sat him down
all bundled up
and set him free in the icy goodness.

he crawled, rolled, scooted, slid
all over the yard
giggling and squealing.
he didn't want to come in
but his little lips were turning blue.
we had to lure him back inside
with the promise of snacks.

and just when we thought/hoped
it was over.
more snow today.

so if you'll excuse me,
i'm going to go think
up some more ways
to busy ourselves inside.


Nancy said...

Love the pictures!!!

And you write about it so well.


Anonymous said...

And wow, 48 years?! So Sawyer is nearly 50?

But he is still so cute! I love his little hat.

CandisPixMoments said...

I love your Blog! your baby is adorable! You also are very good at color coordinating.....Love the wreath you made! Fabulous!

VanillaRhumba said... have an absolutely adorable family

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