Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring has sprung?


well my springtime spirit
has certainly been revived.
and so has my craft room!

the wreath of felt flowers I made for our front door
i covered this wooden letter c in burlap material
i planted flowers in the front yard
i just love this little bird!
now hopefully everything else
outside will start looking
that would really help
with all these spring bride shoots!


Nancy said...

You are so creative!!

Love the felt flowers!

Annie Sarah said...

You are too cute! I love that bird! I didn't notice it when I was there, but that wreath is adorable and so something out of a professional store!! You're amazing. Love you! :)

Roe said...

nice, very very nice....show another article....

Jenny said...

Love your crafty roses!!...and your blog too! What is your fav craft?

Please visit both of mine;



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