Thursday, October 25, 2007

My first post!

Well, I've joined the blogging world. I'm not really sure how to use this yet. I'm going to get a new background as soon as I figure out how to set it up. This black is boring! I dont know what to write on here, I suppose I'll just write whatever comes to mind!

Today I have become fascinated by henna tattoos. It's such a beatiful art! And so very me, because I've always loved swirly twirly designs and patterns. I'm really into the bohemian style lately.
I got a henna tattoo kit in Morocco in Epcot this summer but I had forgotten all about. But then today I was browsing through a website that has all the history of henna and the mendi and all and I remembered that I had it! So I tried it out :)

well that's it for my first post!
'Till next time :)


BlueParadigm said...

Yup. This is so you. Twirly lines and all. Congratulations on the new blog. May it provide hours of typing fun. Fo shizzle.