Monday, January 21, 2008


I've been reading an awesome book
called "Not On Our Watch".
You really have to read it. 
(getting on my soapbox now)
I've been really really burdened by 
this situation in Darfur for a long time.
And I realize that not everyone is 
(though I can't understand why)
But even if you're not,
you still need to read the book. 
Because then you will be.
Yeah, it's hard to sleep soundly in your bed
and know what while you sleep tonight,
thousands will be forced from their homes, 
starved, raped, tortured, and brutally slaughtered,
for no other reason than 
who their parents are or where they were born.
But you cannot just remain silent while leaders of the world 
turn a blind eye 
and make excuses for failing to protect people of Darfur. 
You'll have to voice your compassion for the victims 
and anger at leaders who are timorous, complacent
and unwilling to take risks. 
Darfur is the capitol of human suffering today. 
It's the holocaust of our generation. 
Darfur deserves to live. 
Our failure to speak out to end the ongoing genocide 
in Darfur places us on the wrong side of history, 
and that should be intolerable to all of us.

So for the sake of our humanity,

and welcome to the fight


laura said...

I like being able to sleep at night. Maybe I shouldn't read that book.

I didn't mean to make a joke of it, but really the unfortunate thing I think is that people who already feel strongly about the situation in Darfur will be the readers of the book. The people who would rather not be bothered by those thoughts of people being raped and tortured won't. They'll chose sleep and ignorance.

*Caroline* said...

i know and that makes me crazy! I mean obviously I sleep at night. But just because you choose ignorance because its more blissful, doesn't mean the horrors aren't still going on. and thats just a bit selfish I think.. It's just the point of believing in something.. I mean, who doesn't want to believe we can make a better world? I guess a lot of people...

mm jw said...

Really. It IS amazing that you don't hear more about Darfur in the new.
Thanks for your post.