Friday, January 4, 2008


I've always loved older things.. just anything older than me.

I'm fascinated by the way things were once upon a time.
the way it was that has made it how it is now.
I especially love movies or old books from like the 20's or 50's or something.
I love how people talked back then, 
or looked
or dressed,
or whatever

I love that ladies used to wear gloves and hats
and put on lipstick with a little brush 
and say things like 
"oh gee why I couldn't possibly ever in the least"...
it all looks so glamorous in movies.
so classy!

I want to be sophisticated and classy ;)


laura said...

yeah, and not be able to wear pants and sneakers and certainly not start your own business. I think the 21st century is ok for those reasons.

and you are sophisticated and classy

*Caroline* said...

haha yes well I didnt say I'd want to STAY back then permanently... but it would be fun for a day or two dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

I think it'd be fun to live back then for the dancing. I hate dancing, mainly because I am terrible at all this freestyle crap. I can dance if there is a method for me to follow....and I love watching old movies where there is such fun dancing with lifting and twirling and stuff. That would be neat. And to wear the big dresses would be nice.