Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do you need a hug?

Of course you do!

Who doesn't need hugs??
It's Free Hug Day today.
I'm sure you've seen people all over holding free hug signs
or wearing shirts that say free hugs or something.
I've seen quite a few already. 
And my starbucks barista guy hugged me and 
gave me a free hugs sticky note to wear.
It was hilarious. 
I LOVE free hugs day!
This guy named Juan Mann started the free hugs campaign
because the world is full of sadness and social disconnection
and people all around you just need a hug!
So he started going out and standing on corners with a free hug sign
and people would stop tell them how their dog just died, 
or they just lost a job and they would hug and they would 
feel a little better
And now it has spread all over the world! 
It's pretty phenomenal.
I got a few more pictures of random people hugging
and I love it!
I mean, suffice it to say I feel the love today!
So go hug a stranger!


laura said...

I haven't seen any of this free hug nonsense. i think that barista made it up just to hug you. and everyone else you saw holding signs were in on it to.

the rest and relaxation class is really a yoga class but Baylor is too afraid to call it a yoga class.

mm jw said...

I missed free hug day??!!