Wednesday, January 30, 2008

no one to vote for...

So this whole election is just crazy.
There really is not one person 
that I want running this country.
Every time I find one candidate that
I think is really decent, then they say something
or I find out something about them that 
changes my mind. 
I just have no idea.
It's ridiculous.
However I did find this cool website:
You answer quesitons on some issues
and it tells you where you stand and
which candidate is closest to your answers.
It's pretty interesting, however, 
I still will not be voting for the candidate
with answers closest to mine, 
I mean, just because 
we share some of the same opinions on some issues,
doesn't mean I think they can be a good leader... 
I'm really hoping someone is going to 
make a better impression on me by March,
because I just don't know who to vote for.

Should make for a very interesting next 4 years...