Sunday, January 27, 2008

lazy sundays

I love a good lazy Sunday.

I'm at starbucks with my sweetieface
(he loves it when I call him that;)
and we're drinkin' coffee, 
reading, listening to our itunes
and its relaxing. :)

So how was everybody's week? 
I did a lot of random things this week.. 
surprise birthday parties, wedding dress shopping, 
(not my own, dont freak out)
traveling to uncharted territory
(Corinth, TX... ??)
I even thought about writing a children's book,
mostly so I could illustrate it... 

I ran across this website, its pretty sweet..
no pun intended.

Also, while looking at wedding cakes 
with a friend of mine who is getting married,
we found some pretty awesome/hilarious/ridiculous
wedding cakes. I mean, who knew you 
could get that creative with a cake?!
Here are a couple of my faves:

this is just awesome

his and hers Tivos? really?
This is my favorite!

one last thing,
if you didn't hear Rob's sermon this morning,
listen to it online!


mm jw said...

Yes, Rob's talk was incredible. INCREDIBLE.
(Oh, I couldn't get to that website that was 'sweet'.)

April said...

haha...sweetieface! you should call him that every day. Who is getting married!? Probably someone I don't know, but still, you know how nosey I am. PS- I wish i could come home this weekend just so I could come to your house for the Super Bowl! THAT would be awesome