Thursday, February 7, 2008


i gave up
all soft drinks
and sweet tea
for lent.
i'm completely addicted
to Dr. Pepper,
so this is already
very difficult for me.
but i suppose
that is the point.

however, i've decided
to try teas.
i've been trying all kinds
of teas, hot teas, cold teas.
all unsweetened ofcourse.
and I gotta say
it's growing on me!
i think i could be quite
the tea connoisseur!

i love the yogi tea brand
because they have
fun little sayings
on the tags.

my diptych for today:


laura said...

i've recently got into teas as well! i have a cup of hot tea at least once a day now, i'm hooked. so are all my roommates. i think there's an epidemic or something

Bailey Jo said...

I do enjoy a good cup of hot tea, but I rarely get one anymore. I should start doing that again. There are lots of good caffeine-free hot teas, too. So if you want to go to sleep right after a cup of tea, you can look into those.