Monday, February 11, 2008

all grown up

my baby brother
is not a baby anymore.
he's WAY bigger than me!
he can vote, he can read greek. 
and he's graduating highschool this year!
that is so weird to me!
i still think of him as 
that curly headed 
5 year old that wouldn't
let me dress him in my doll clothes... 
here is a picture of him, 
you can look at the rest of them on my 
Pixeldust site. 


Julia said...

i am glad you went through with giving up soft drinks for lent - but sweet tea! wow, that is going to be tough!

i am drinking a lot of hot tea over here, too, and i love it! :)

ohhhh, little avery. all grown up. someday he will have a license!

thanks for reading my blog. ;) i updated it again - this time, with istanbul pics.

i think about india every day, and i look at pictures constantly.

please let me know if you get to jump across the pond!

love you,

Anonymous said...

I am a dreaming soul, too! We should be friends.

Avery can read greek?? I did not know that. That's pretty sweet.

April said...

i agree with Bailey--i think he should tell all the girls he can read greek and they would all fall for him.

And your pictures are so good! I wish I was with you at an opportune place where you could take my picture. lucky brother