Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides of March

it's my birthday today.

March 15th,
i'm 22. 
that sounds so weird.
i mean i know if i say 
"i'm old" to someone older than me,
they say "o no you're not! i'm way older than you!"
but to me, its old!
i mean, i've never been 22 before!
it's strange.
i just remember being a little girl
and thinking, "when i'm 22, 
i'll be married and get to
 wear lipstick, and high heels,
and drive a car, and write checks,
 be a sophisticated grown up.
now here it is.
and you know,
i'm not disappointed.  :)
while i am not exactly all
of things i thought i 
would've by now when i was six,
i'm pretty ok with who i am
and what i am.

i love my life,
im so blessed,
and i'm very very happy.

happy birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope you guys had fun tonight! Sorry I couldn't be there. I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I just got the e-mail about the cancellation. Well, I hope you had a good night anyway!

mm jw said...

Happy Birthday, Caroline!!!!

mm jw said...

Hmm. So I guess you had a good birthday!?????!!!

We love you!!!!!