Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a foggy day in london town

ok so i'm not in london...

but it certainly was foggy!
i woke up to a glorious haze 
covering everything.
and it all looked so fresh, 
like the world was waking up 
with me.

it was such a gorgeous day.
i've been waiting for this weather!
i love when the days start to
get long again. 
there's just something about
rolling all your windows down,
listening to great new music you've
just discovered, drinking a slushy, 
and wearing pink ladybug socks.
even if no one else knows, 
it still makes me happy, like i have
a lovely ladybug secret all to myself.

i spent the afternoon
in search of good locations
for photo shoots.
and I found several very cool places.
(there is a barn that is over
100 years old
not one mile from my church!
who knew?!)
so now i have a whole list of 
great spots to suggest to clients.
i've got a day of bridal portraits
and two year old Kenli
ahead of me.
i love my job :) 


laura said...

Sounds like a great life. And what new music have you discovered?

mm jw said...

You are so creative . . . and poetic.

It is inspiring.

mm jw said...

Oh yes, I think you are poetic, in a wonderful free verse kind of way.

I'm a fan of yours.