Wednesday, April 23, 2008

art gone awry

this post is

dedicated to art, 
or rather,
creativity that has, in my opinion,
gone horribly wrong

i'll start on a lighter note.

it is just not OK.

there is an artist that i did a whole study on
my junior year of college, Anselm Keiffer.
he's disturbing
his art is just very dark and 
its a lot of giant paper 
stacked up that he's used his own...
well, i'll just call it bodily fluid,
in the process of creating it. 
and i can admit that yes, 
it does take creativity to put together
and ideas and making a product.
however, there is such a thing
as taking it too far, ya know?

and that leads me to my third:
Guillermo Vargas.
he's an "artist" in honduras 
that i've been reading about.
he takes stray dogs,
and ties them up in a museum
and lets them starve
while the public watches and passes by.
and people are calling it "genius".

I call it
the depravity of our world.


mm jw said...

Using those dogs that way in art is TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE.
(I just posted a post about dogs- and then I read your post. --- which tells you I would NEVER starve a dog for any reason!!!!!!!!)

(good post, by the way)

Annie said...


I'm gonna have bad dreams now, thanks.

Bailey Jo said...

i hate this. so much.

Rob said...

Maybe Anselm Keiffer's art would have been more pleasant if somewhere early in his career someone had shown him a picture of a kitten in a hooded sweatshirt.

Or taken him to a Bruce Springsteen concert. That's all I'm saying.