Thursday, May 15, 2008

new poll!

i helped rob move into

our new apartment this week.
and i'm totally jealous
that he gets to live there
for 3 months before i get to!

my family went to Boston
for a week,
without me. 
and i'm also jealous about that.
but i'm shooting my first wedding
this weekend and that will
hopefully be amazing.

my brother and sister-in-law 
are sleeping over here tonight
to keep me company
because i was a little scared last night.
i don't like sleeping in a 
big house alone, it is scary
say what you might, this house
is creaky, and big and dark and
on a busy street.... 
which equals scary.

so cassie (my sister-in-law)
and i are going to pick up my
wedding dress tomorrow!!!!
i am SOOOOOOOOO excited.
i want to wear it every day....
but my mom won't let me.  ;)


Anna Joy said...

hey girl! i think i've left you like three comments but I am soooo impressed with your photography??? How did you get started??? I love photography but didn't know how it all worked and I didn't have anyone to ask and then of course, got caught up with life so didn't have time to play around with taking pictures! Keep it up, it's beautiful!

mm jw said...

Your mother is smart to not let you wear your wedding dress everyday. She knows what the dry cleaning bill might be.

mm jw said...

And yes, I think Caroline Carmack is a darling name . . . for a darling person!