Friday, June 20, 2008

"break our hearts for what breaks Yours"

i keep finding

out more and more
things about
life that i just
and i wish i could
but it seems hopeless.
of course it's not;
but it seems 
too big
and too awful
to ever be conquered.

did you know that 
much of the world's 
coca production 
is harvested by 
child laborers in 
Africa and Central/South America?

and in our own country
has been found
to be one the most 
efficient, effective (and free
ways to post children and women
for sale?

and an update email
from my friend Mari
in Peru who finds young
prostitue girls on the street,
and tries to get them into schools or jobs.
she wrote me yesterday
to tell me of jesi.
one of mari's girls who's parents forced her
into prostitution.
she was found this week,
raped and murdered
by just one of the many men who 
used her. 
she had a baby daughter.
she was 14.

and i just have to cry. 

i'm overwhelmed.

i don't know where my Jesus 
is in all this mess.
but i know he is there.
and i want to trust that 
he knows what he's doing.

but honestly,
i really don't like it.

here's a picture of me and jesi:


mm jw said...

Oh no. That is so horrible. And that is a picture of her?
Oh my goodness.

I'm at a loss for words.

I am so sorry.

That is incredibly sad.