Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a few odds and ends

i got my bridal portraits slideshow 
in my email today.
i've been checking my email 
about every hour 
for 5 days
and it's finally here!!
i really wish i could post it 
and show it to you.
but i suppose you'll 
just have to wait... 

my older brother Chason
had his 27th birthday last week.
i made him a guitar hero cake

to go with the guitar hero
game we got him. 
it took nearly
my whole life 
to do.

also i made this for kohen 
when he was born
but i haven't shared it with you all yet
so here it is.
some random things
 i took pictures of
to spell out his name 
to hang in his nursery.

i hope this weather
quits with the rain
by august 9th... 


mmjw said...

You made that guitar hero cake??!! I am so impressed!

Wil Carmack said...

thats a cake? oh my god. amazing.

Anonymous said...

those are really cool pictures. you definitely live up to your name on my blog (creative caroline).

Anonymous said...

that's cool that you took those letter pictures yourself. for a friends birthday, i BOUGHT some, grossly overpriced.

you're neat.

laura said...

dang it! that's the third time ive commented as melyssa. its really me up there.

Rob said...

Laura needs to stop taking credit for other people's work.