Saturday, July 19, 2008

where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains

rob and i drove up to 

OKcity thursday because
we were given another
wedding shower.
i didn't get any pictures of it,
but hopefully i can 
get some from his parents 
or something later.
But it was a really lovely party!

we came back tonight,
but we had 
many adventures 
while we were there.
we saw batman! (amazing)
got Hideaway Pizza
(best pizza ever)
and we saw the 
red round barn
of arcadia, OK.
we also went to POPS
of which i DID get pictures
 on my cell phone! 

POPS is a really modern, fancy 
take on a gas station,
but it is all glass, 
and they have 
every kind of soda in the world!
Just hundreds of 
different flavors and brands 
and it is AWESOME!

here is rob just getting started:

and here he is after he had chosen
 20 crazy different kinds of pop ;)

both of our crates on the counter.

the coolest place i have ever seen!!
at least, 
the coolest place i've ever seen
in the middle of nowhere oklahoma.

we were hoping lorie would 
go into labor 
while we were there
but no such luck...
she probably will tomorrow 
and we will have to go back.. hah


mmjw said...

I had never heard of POPS. I know I would like it!
(I just posted some pictures of your shower on my blog.)

Rob said...

You're so much fun to buy soda with.