Tuesday, July 29, 2008

getting closer

12 days 
till I'm a 
married woman.

i really
believe that.

it's very 
and excited.
and weird.
and scary.
and exciting!!

busy week.
work stuff.
wedding stuff.
moving stuff.
did you hear about
the woman in
who got stopped 
by a fake cop?
and he tried to 
make her get out
of the car?

did you know
that Barbie's
full name is 
Barbie Millicent Roberts


laura said...

millicent roberts? that's doesn't seem like it fits Barbie.

and i'm kind of sad I'll never be a Mrs. Carmack. I mean, unless I be counter cultural and not change my name if/when I get married, which could happen. It's not that I want to marry one of my relatives, I just like being a Carmack. I don't want to not be a Carmack.

mmjw said...

Yes. Being a Carmack is WONDERFUL. I recommend it so highly.

[Laura, you'll ALWAYS be a Carmack.]

Anonymous said...

i would like to be a carmack someday too. i think that would be fun. maybe it'll happen. and hopefully i'm not freaking anyone out by saying this.

mmjw said...

You're definitely not freaking me out by saying that, Bailey Jo.