Friday, August 1, 2008

so close

rob and i 

went downtown 
yesterday to get
our marriage license!

this is rob signing 
the application

i couldn't get far away
enough to get more in the picture.

we had to raise 
our right hands
and solemnly swear.
how often do you 
get to solemnly swear?!

we were crossing
the street at one point,
and we had stepped 4 ft 
from the curb, 
and a car sped around the corner
and was going to 
run right over me!
i was looking 
the other way
and didn't see it.
but rob grabbed my arm
and pulled me out of the way
and the car missed me
by literally inches!
he saved my life!

how romantic


Rob said...

We're totally licensed.

And I love the way you tell that story about how I saved your life. What a good story.

mmjw said...

What a good story. Yes.
Rob is your truly knight in shining armor!

mmjw said...

I didn't proofread that comment. Oops.

April said...

that is so wonderful...he saved you! I wanna get my marriage license!!! that sounds like such a great idea