Monday, July 7, 2008

weekend of firsts!

this 4th of july

was so much fun
and full of firsts.
rob went to his
first ever 
Independence Day Parade!

Uncle Rob and baby Kohen

my family has gone every year
my whole life. 
i love it.

then rob and i drove up
to OK city to stay with his family.
and on the way

we drove through a fire,

pouring rain,

and stopped to buy fireworks!
which i had never done before.
then we went to a party their church
had for the neighborhood.

is he kidding me with those eyes? ;)
and we set off
fire works for the whole city!

steve had to teach me what to do...

i was a bit timid about it...

rob is a pro

it was the most fun i've
ever had on the 4th of July!


mmjw said...

Great pictures!
We missed you for supper but next week we'll do it again!!

Rob said...

That was a lot of fun. I'm really happy that we both still have all of our fingers!

mmjw said...

I forgot to tell you that you wrote the sweetest, most wonderful thank you note that I have ever, EVER received. Thank you for your thank you!!