Thursday, June 26, 2008

early to rise...

it'd been a long time

since i've watched the sunrise.

that is...
till this morning.

for some reason my dad 
turned the thermostat
up really high
so it was swelteringly hot
and i tossed and turned
all night. 
then around 4:30
my phone rang,
so i answered it thinking it
must be an emergency.
but it was just a friend
that dialed my # intending
to call the person before 
my name in his phone.
an accident.
so i figured
what the hey,
i'll just get up.

and then the sun started
slowly rising
and the birds were singing 
their little 
good-morning songs.
and people on the road 
drinking their morning coffee
and headed to all 
their perspective lives.
and a little reminder that
His mercies are new every morning.
and i'm happy to be alive :)

i recommend you get up and
watch a sunrise sometime soon.


laura said...

neat! i love the mornings, especially being outside in the mornings. everything is so fresh

mmjw said...

I like early-to-rise mornings. . . once I'm up.
Give me some fresh hot coffee . . . maybe a danish . . .

Bailey Jo said...

i haven't watched a sunrise in a while. i actually don't remember ever watching a sunrise. maybe i'll do that tomorrow. what time did it come up?

Bailey Jo said...

thanks for having coffee with me yesterday. i really enjoyed it.