Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i'm back from Italy!

and married!!!

and so far
i love it!
i took about
800 pictures of italy,
some of which 
i will share here
after i upload them...

rob and i are 
totally jet lagged
and woke up at 
3 and 5 ish
so we went to kroger
and made breakfast
with all our new kitchen stuff!!

so fun

all for now.
watch our wedding slideshow!

best wedding ever
if i do say so myself...


April said...

it seriously WAS the best wedding ever!!! And i LOVE the picture slideshow! You all look so good. I can't wait for italy pictures!

mm jw said...

I am SO GLAD you're back!!!!

And yes, the wedding the WONDERFUL. (Did you read my 2nd comment on your post? - I wrote it while you were in Italy.)

We've missed you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll see you pretty soon. (Hopefully folks won't barge in (like us) while you're getting over jeg lag.)