Saturday, August 9, 2008

it's time

today's the day people!

i'm getting married in
just a few hours!

next time
i write to you all,
i will be 
Mrs. Caroline Carmack

has a nice ring to it
doesn't it? ;)

see you on 
the other side


mm jw said...

I hope you're having a wonderful day today - and tonight!!!!

Best Wishes!!

mm jw said...

I got to thinking . . . you just might check your blog while you're on your honeymoon. Well, at the least, when you return.

I want you to know that your wedding was GORGEOUS. The colors were so beautiful. And the whole setting was just wonderful. A little on the warm side, but those pretty fans were just what we needed.
The parasols (sp.?) on the bridesmaids were so darling.
Oh, and the centerpieces on all the tables . . . everybody was talking about how beautiful - and clever- they were.

And your dress. OH MY. It was PERFECT. So YOU.

It was just all so - well, there are no words.
It was wonderful, delightful, beautiful, sweet, elegant.

Oh, and we LOVED the food !!!!! YUM YUM YUM.


It seems like everything I'm saying is wowy --- well, because it was ALL wowy!!!!!


I can't wait to hear about your honeymoon. . . but you can get rested up (which might take weeks) before you tell us about Italy.

We love you so much, Caroline, and are THRILLED that you are a Carmack now!!!!!!!!!
You are worthy of the name!!!!