Friday, August 29, 2008


so much new stuff

going on around here!
apart from my
new husband,
new home, 
new clients, 
etc., etc.,

i also have a 
new haircut!
Angie and I 
chopped off our ponytails
and mailed them off
to Locks of Love!

me about to lose my hairs

angie losing hers!

all gone.
iffy picture, but I had to 
use photobooth to 
get one of myself.
and they always come out 
a little weird...

a new puppy!!

this is sherbotzky.
cutest thing ever!

I come from a big family
with a loud, crazy house.
And now that i live
 in a quiet apartment
with rob out of town a lot
i need a little friend 
to keep me company!
and she does!


mm jw said...

Sherbotzky is adorable!!

And so is your hair!

laura said...

So cute! You are and Sherbs. What's the significance of the name Sherbonsky?