Monday, August 25, 2008


in common grounds.

waiting for rob
being oddly jealous
of all these people
starting their first 
day of a new school year...


well sorry about 
all the shenanigans
with the privacy settings
i became aware
that i had a few 
unwanted readers but
then i decided, oh well.
i have nothing to hide.
so to that i say:
read on.

since i took over 800
honeymoon pictures
and it is therefore impossible
to share them all with you,
i will just be ending each post 
with a couple pictures
for a while.

so here we go:
this is rob and i on the plane headed to italia.

this is the grand canal

one of the many times we ate pizza


laura said...

benissimo! very good. i like the last picture the best. i'm excited to see more.

mm jw said...

Oh, I love those honeymoon pictures.
You and Rob make an adorable couple.

Oh, and on that being jealous of those students. . . they're jealous of YOU!! Oh yes.

Being Beth said...


Let me introduce myself --as I'm possibly one of those "unwanted readers." I'm a long time friend of the Carmack's, was children's pastor at BVCC for several years, and have known Rob since he was in high school, though I haven't seen him in a long while now. But, I'm friends with Nancy and a regular reader/commenter on her blog, and so have been interested in your wedding, then found I enjoy your blog AND your photography. My daughter is friends with Laura, my son friends with Will, and someday I hope to meet you. I wish you and Rob all the best in your new life together. I think you have a wonderful fella for a husband, and I'm sure he found himself an amazing wife.

If you'd rather me not read your blog, leave me a comment on mine, and I'll respect your wishes.

Beth Lahaie

Being Beth said...

Thanks Caroline. I thought it wouldn't hurt to introduce myself, and now that I have I will feel more relaxed about leaving comments, which I was reluctant to do.

I like the pizzaz of all the colored words in your blog -- obviously you love color and texture and find a great deal of joy in your life. You also must have a lot of tenacity and patience to change colors like that.

I watched your wedding video -- WOW!!! What a beautiful wedding, and it seemed like everyone had such a good time. And, your dress -- gorgeous as the woman wearing it.