Monday, September 8, 2008


I cannot

biting me!

she still 
has barely
any teeth.

she looks innocent, 
but don't let it fool you.

we're having
our first
"dinner party"
wednesday night,
so i am 

the handle
keeps falling
off the 
vaccum tho...

few more 
why not:

us in front of the duomo

the twin churches in Rome

us at the Vatican
and last 
but not least
with my hubby and bro-in-law
at the maroon5/counting crows
concert this week
I love being a Carmack!


laura said...

The puppy is probably teething. Out old dog,Marco, bit our toes all the time when we first got him. He got over it though.

And I'll say again that your haircut is so cute!

mm jw said...

Great pictures!

And yes, when we got Marco he was biting everything. . . including low window sills, furniture, etc. Having a puppy has its down side for sure. .... especially an indoor puppy.
When we first got Shiloh he was four months old - and biting, too. UGH. (fortunately not people I don't think.)

Oh, and I love being a Carmack, too!!!! You make a great one, by the way.

Echo Bible Church said...

I love that you love being a Carmack.

April said...

man, a dinner party at the carmacks sounds spectacular. I wish i could go and see your puppy and your new hair and your apartment. ahh married life!