Thursday, September 25, 2008

small things

i  love

this weather.

i had lunch
with my sister
at panera

it was lovely.

i walked
to the grocery store
to get some apples.
then i walked
to the new
library behind
our complex.
it was the 
most quaint
little library!
the children's 
area is too darling.
and they have a 
little coffee shop!
in the library!
it's called 
"cup and chaucer".
like i said,
as i was walking 
back i saw that 
they are opening 
a little boba tea and 
smoothie shop 
i love that i 
can walk 
to all these 
great places
from my home!

later this afternoon
i'm going to check
out the flea market
down the street
and see if they have 
anything i can plant
in the hanging planters
on my balcony 
for the fall. 

it's a gorgeous day


laura said...

sounds wonderful! that IS awesome that you can walk so many place.

mm jw said...

Love your new look.

There's a flea market near you?! I have to check that out!