Wednesday, October 1, 2008

billy collins


is great.

if you haven't
read anything
by him,
you should.

this is him
reading one
of my 

There are a bunch
of videos 
that go
with his poems
on youtube.
here are some
of my favorites.


Wil Carmack said...

YEAH!!! I love Billy Collins

mm jw said...

I can see why Billy Collins has a following. His poems are mesmerizing - and funny sometimes. And he can really read them!
That one on the Best Cigarette kept stopping -- but I persevered and did enjoy it. (though I wish all smokers would stop!)

And YES, I WILL get you to where you can read E's blog. I'll contact her today!

Elizabeth H. said...

I'm sending you an e-mail to read my blog!