Monday, October 20, 2008


i've been

for a bit over
two months now
and it seems
that we may
never fall into
a routine...

my husband
(who is awesome,
by the way)
is gone
three days
and two
of every 
sometimes a bit more 
on various weekends.
and sometimes,
since i miss him
when he's gone,
i go along with him
on his journeys.
and so we spend
a lot of time
and unpacking
overnight bags,
debating over
what to do
with puppy,

i want to bring her,
he wants to leave her.
food expires
in our fridge,
and there are 
ever so many
fast food
bags in the back seat
of our cars...
this must be how newlyweds
gain weight
the first year
of marriage.
like the freshmen 15.
we'll call it the
newlywed 90 ;)

so here i sit
in a town where
i have no business
and very little
with my puppy
on her pink leash,
outside a starbucks,
awaiting the return 
of hubby dearest.
and i find,
that i do not mind
at all
the lack of 
a norm
or routine.

probably becuase
of the coffee...

...just kidding.


Being Beth said...

The Newlywed 90 is hilarious -- so true.

This post took me back a few years, the only difference was that it was my husband who had to do allthe adjusting to my crazy schedule and work. For a while there it seemed that he would have to change HIS last name.

You have a great attitude and a cute puppy-- good for you!

mm jw said...

I really like the 3 pictures on this post.

And spontaneity . . . I like that. . . and Im glad you do!

April said...

dear Caroline,
you are so cute.


love, April