Friday, October 17, 2008


i haven't

had much time
to write
these days.
busy busy.

rob and i
went to the 
texas state fair
last week.
it was rob's
first time 
at the greatest
fair ever!

so we had to 
do it up right
which of course
fair food.

lots and 
lots of it.

fried turkey,
fried cookie dough,

caramel apples,
funnel cake..
oh my!

i still can't 
figure this out...

the ferris wheel is magical at night

this is the last 
weekend for
 the fair,
so you
should be sure
to go!

i may never
eat again


mm jw said...

Great pictures!

Mmm. I love State Fair food!

Karen said...

Cutest little puppy ever!! And cutest baby brother-in-law, too! You do an amazing job with the camera!!

Oh, and the fair food looks de-lish! Glad you guys had fun!

Echo was amazing, as well. Everyone should go to that, too. :D