Tuesday, November 4, 2008

love letters

and by that i mean

i love letters.
or fonts, rather.

i have about a million.
well, maybe 
just several 
but still.
that's getting a little

i'm not 
totally sure that
anyone reads
this blog.
and not that
i have so much
of interest to 
but thats ok.
i like to anyway.

i found out 
last week
that people my age,
or at least
the ones i'm around
don't dress up
for halloween parties
which made it awkward
when i did.
but i still had fun

did you vote today?
i did.


mm jw said...

I DID vote - last week.

And I DO read this blog.

And I used to dress up for Halloween when I was in my forties (and younger). Hmm. You're inspiring me.
Next year I'll dress up, okay?!!

Anonymous said...

what did you dress up as? and i thought rob was gonna dress up...

caroline said...

no he didn't.
I dressed as a fairy. I already had some wings i use for kid pictures. SO I just did fancy fairy eye make up and wore some wings.. no biggie...
but yeah I was the only one..

laura said...

yeah, i am much too cool to dress up for halloween.

and i read your blog! and i voted. woot.

Being Beth said...

I read your blog too, and always enjoy reading about what you are doing and thinking. I love to find other creative souls.

I have been kind of bah humbug about halloween the last couple of years. I think it's the slump between having your own children and having grandchildren -- you know, take a couple seasons off and then fall in love with all those candy holidays again. But, I must say that until last year, I dressed up for every halloween -- even if only to pass out candy at my front door.