Monday, November 10, 2008

many the miles

last week

rob and i saw
(one of my all time
favorite bands)
in pegasus plaza
in dallas.
it was awesome.
after the show
the band members 
stayed and hung out
with the crowd.
I got a picture 
with dave,
the lead singer.

it was extremely fun.

last week
my sister,
had a singing 
competition in
oklahoma city.
so i went with her
and we had 
a lot of fun
hanging around
in OKC for three days.

annie reading
the nytimes
which was ironically
about an opera program.

me with my
peppermint mocha.

I'm really excited
about Rob and I 
doing our christmas 
boxes tomorrow!
I get excited about it
every year!
my roommate and I 
used to go 
together in college
and just buy 
so much fun stuff
for the kids
we hardly could fit 
it in the boxes in the end.
if you've never done a box
then this year 
should be your first!!
i have a super
extreme soft spot
when it comes to kids
and the holidays..
i think christmas 
is magical...
i helped hand them out
once on a trip overseas,
and it was amazing!
It was June,
but they didn't care!

i love it.
it makes my heart
all stabby.


mm jw said...

Did you wear that green outfit because mae wears green?

April said...

i love mae... today someone was playing "Giving it Away" on the piano in the student center. It was wonderful.

ALSO- I have a question to ask you. But I'm going to ask you in a message on facebook because it's a little dumb

Rob said...

I had fun doing the Christmas boxes with you :)