Friday, November 28, 2008

so many holidays

to catch up!

i've not been 
diligent in 
updating you
through these holidays.
i have a thousand
pictures of the last 
30 days, but 
i will just share 
a few with you.
the cutest tigger ever

at the inlaws house
in Oklahoma
and then again
at my family's!
so much turkey,
so much classic donkey kong

i made a pretty sweet
apple pie

we did a 1,000
piece puzzle at my parents.
i'm not sure why,
but we do puzzles
during thanksgiving
while we watch
the parade and whatnot.

don't you hate it when you get to 
the end of a huge puzzle
and theres just 
one tiny piece missing?!

sherbs had a good time
in her kennel
riding around the country.

now Rob and I
are going to watch
christmas movies,
and put up our tree
and decorate our house!
so exciting!

oh yeah and:
26 days till


mm jw said...

What a beautiful blog!!
And that apple pie --- wow!
And that picture of your doggie - oh my!
And those words about everything- delightful!

You're really making me smile this morning!.

mm jw said...

Oh, and that Kohen. He is tooooo precious!

(You can tell that your blog has made me excited.)

laura said...

sounds like a fun filled holiday. and you're pie is beautiful.