Monday, December 1, 2008

in a winter wonderland

rob and i decorated 
our house for christmas
this weekend.
and it looks 
it's so exciting
to have a first
christmas together
and our new home, 
and new ornaments 
and picking out our 
own stockings,
deciding which 
we are going to hold on to,
which ones to start.
our tree is 
 blue and bright green
rob likes his stocking.

i got some cute
christmas placemats
and made a centerpiece 
out of ornaments and 
that straw holder thing..

"ok, ok turn off the lights,
lets try it out"

we put these snowflake
lights on our balcony!

so, as you can see,
our home is now
a magical winterland
of awesome.


Rob said...

Wow, that picture of the snowflake lights is great. You are so talented!

mm jw said...

How creative you are!
I love the pictures!