Friday, December 5, 2008


Rob has been saying
for years
that your appendix
is a ticking time bomb,
good for nothing
but turning on you
when you least expect it.
I, however, have been
thinking he's
Until monday
when he called me
and sad he thought he
had a hernia...
then tuesday we
took him to care now
because the pain 
was worse.
they of course
did tests and said
go to the ER, 
you have appendicitis.

and who doesnt
love a good 
"i told you so"
moment with 
their spouse?

so i took him to
the ER
and we waited
and waited..
approx. 7 hours
for a surgeon
to take it out.

and one 
finally did.
and we slept 
at the hospital that night.
well, rob slept,
i sat in a chair 
and stared at the 
beeping light.
so now 
I've gotten rob up 
our stairs, 
rented him some movies
got him some meds,
and now he is relaxing
in the recliner.

and on a
smaller scale,
i have smashed
my fingers in a door
of some sort
every day
the last 5 days...
i need to work on my


Rob said...

You have been wonderful through all of this.

...and I did tell you so.

laura said...

man! what a week. rob is lucky to have you around though. i'm sure you make a great nurse

mm jw said...

Yes! Rob is lucky to have you around, Nurse Caroline.

Bailey Jo said...

It HAS been a while since I've seen you. And even longer since I've seen Rob. I miss you guys. I'm glad to hear that he's on the mend and hopefully up for finals....