Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a funny thing happened on the way to the forum

and by forum 

I mean the post office.
I was in there buying stamps
and of course there was
a very long line.
Further up the line
there were two old ladies.
and i mean old, like in there 80's
and one, we'll call her Betty, 
she looked like a Betty,
was saying to the other
how she got an email 
saying her account has been hacked
and if she would send back her 
account # and social security #
someone would run a credit check for her
to make sure her identity has not been stolen.
Well, everyone around hearing this is thinking
poor old lady is believing the scam, 
but surely the lady with her, 
we'll call her Martha, 
is going to gently explain 
why she shouldn't do this.
but then, 
a 3rd old lady, Beatrice, behind them in line,
starts yelling at Betty, saying
"i can't believe you are so stupid
you would fall for that scam,
don't you know they are going to steal
your identity and take all your money..." etc.
and so Martha, sticking up for Betty,
starts yelling back.
"it's none of your business, 
who asked you", etc.
and everyone else in line is thinking,
what the what is going on here?!?
old ladies fighting??
and i'm looking for the candid camera people.
so just as it looks like Betty is going to 
smack Beatrice with her enormous bag,
the PO teller man comes out and breaks it up.
But seriously... 
it was crazy.
and hilariously sad.

the holiday spirit
is not what it used to be 
when said old ladies were not so old
i guess...


mm jw said...

That was amazing.