Friday, January 23, 2009


i was out

and about, 
minding my 
own business.
just wearing
a t-shirt
and jeans, 
nothing overly 
and a lady cashier
asked me when
i am due.

as in
due to
birth a child...

i look pregnant.

i had assumed
that everyone
on the planet
has learned by now
whats the rule?
"never ever ever 
ever ever 
ask that question.

you know this.

i don't care if a lady
has a pregnant belly 
sticking 5 ft out
like she's got 7 
kids in there,
you just 

so, incase you were
wondering about
my supposed 
preggy belly,
i am not.
i just had
a little too much
fun with holiday
treats i guess.

i think i'll 
go take a little
stroll on the 
treadmill now.


Bailey Jo said...

Oh, that is ridiculous. You didn't look pregnant AT ALL the last time I saw you, so unless you gained a TON of weight in a few weeks (which I know you didn't,) she must have been crazy.

Some people are so tactless. Maybe it was related to the products you were buying...perhaps they seemed "baby-like" or something.

caroline said...

haha well, maybe, but I was buying cardboard boxes and some wood putty... so. i dont' know.

mm jw said...

Maybe there was a hidden camera and they were asking lots of young women that question to see how they'd reply . . .like the old (and great) show, "Candid Camera".

Surely. SURELY!