Friday, January 2, 2009


2009 snuck up on me.
i don't know about you,
but i was not ready.
the past 2 months
flew by so fast
i barely know
what i did
with the time!

so much
i wanted to blog about
but i never seem to
get to it.

but for now
i will just post
what i meant to post yesterday
it got 
away from me too!

my lists:

top 5 moments of 2008:
(get excited) first christmas with my husband. perfect.

4. getting our puppy, Sherbotzky.
i love her. ridiculously.

3. riding a gondola in Venice at night
on our honeymoon. so magical!

2. Rob getting on his knee, asking me to be his wife.

1. walking down the aisle to marry 
the man of my dreams

the best day of my life.

top 5 music finds this year:
5. kings of leon - only by night
4. vampire weekend - vampire weekend
3. jack's mannequin - the glass passenger
2. mae - singularity
1. fall out boy - folie a deux

top 5 books i read this year:
5. cold tangerines - shauna niequist
4. starving jesus - craig gross & j. r. mahon
3. all of the twilight books but mostly eclipse - stephanie meyer
2. all the keri smith books but mostly 
how to be an explorer of the world - keri smith
1. ballistics - billy collins

top 5 craziest gadgets i've seen this year:
5. gotee trimmer?

4. bubble wrap calendar.. you pop a bubble everyday...
3. portable DJ
2. keyboard pants... awkward...

1. aquarium toilet. i want one.

and finally,
top 5 youtube videos of the year:

and there you have it.
2008 = best year of my life!
hands down. 


mm jw said...

Great post! And I love the new look.

Those craziest gadgets are so funny. . . as are the youtube videos.

Those pictures of your top 5 moments were (are) wonderful. mm
I did get excited.

Anonymous said...

new moon was your favorite?? that's crazy to me. it was a little too depressing (plus it annoyed me how bella couldn't even function just because her boy left her.) what made you like it so much? just curious.