Friday, January 9, 2009

all the pictures

rob and i went 

to the sister hazel
concert last night.
it was the 4th time
we've seen them,
and they are just
so great!
awesome show.

about a dozen times 
during the evening
i saw people taking
their own picture.
you know,
and the couple in front of us 
took several throughout the night.
and every time i would try to duck out 
of the picture so they wouldn't have my face
in all their pictures.
and then i got to thinking 
while standing in the ridiculously 
long bathroom line:
i wonder how many people's pictures i'm in?
in my almost-23 years, i bet
i've walked through a million billion 
of other peoples photos,
in the background.

and then i started thinking
how cool it would be
if you could round up all the pictures
i ended up in, put them all in a book,
and every picture is a story of someone 
else's life.
why they were there, 
taking that picture,
with that person.
i think that would
make a pretty interesting 
bunch of stories.

i just have no idea how you would 
ever get all the pictures,
but it's kinda cool
to think about yourself 
off in the background in pictures
you've never seen, 
all over the world.

just as an aside,
i saw this, and i laughed.
i love dogs...


mm jw said...

Those dogs are so cute!

I love reading your posts! They're so clever.

Anonymous said...

that is a cute video.

i've thought about being in other pictures a lot. i always try to stay out of random peoples' pictures, because it seems like when there are random people in MY pictures, they tend to have a stupid expression on their face or be doing something silly since they don't know about the picture. but i guess it's inevitable for everyone to look silly or caught off guard in a picture sometime.