Thursday, February 12, 2009

all in a day's work...

rob and i 
found a new spot
to hang out.
(well really rob,
i just follow him
around).  ;)
it's a little coffee
shop near our 
new house called
"it's a grind".

it's a very cool place.
both rob and i 
do a lot of our work
remotely on 
our lappies
(he doesn't call them
 that, just me).
that is one of the things
i love about our relationship
and our jobs.
we can sit 
for hours next 
to each other, 
with our work, 
and not talk to each other,
making our paychecks,
and yet still spend time
not every day, obviously.
but sometimes.
and it's nice.

here's a little 
glimpse of what
i've been working on:
i shot a wedding
last weekend.

i didn't know
until i got there
that it was actually
an elopement!
just the minister,
the couple,
and me.
it was an experience.
the couple wanted to
elope, but
still have a
real wedding
and that's exactly 
what it was.

also i had an 
engagement shoot
last week.

the couple 
was so cute
in their matching

well that's about it.
back to work!


Elizabeth H. said...

Its a Grind is so yummy!!

And your pictures are beautiful!

April said...

we have an It's a Grind here! but it's really small and i have a fear of entering a coffee shop and not having a place to sit...

mm jw said...

I'll have to try that place out!

Love those pictures.

I'm playing tomorrow (Saturday) in the tea room. (If you go to my blog and click on my website, there is a calendar there and it shows the days I play. (Just so you know). I usually update it every 2 weeks. Thanks for asking. I hope to see you there!?

Anonymous said...

I know It's a Grind. I've never actually been inside, but I drive past it every time I go to my dad's house. I'd really like to try it out sometime.

You going to the tea room tomorrow? I thought about going too, but I'm worried it will be too busy because of Valentine's Day and all that. Hmm. We'll see.