Tuesday, February 10, 2009


it has been a 

crazy couple of weeks!
we moved into
our new house
last weekend.
so i have been
endlessly unpacking
and settling in.

here is a picture of
the new
Carmack Home

we also got
a new puppy!

she is too cute.
she and sherbotsky
are already the best
of friends.
they play, and eat,
and even 
nap together.
and we have this great
backyard for them now.

well that is about
all for now.
back to the unpacking.


laura said...

so exciting! and Lola is precious. you know, I got a hula girl in my car and she is named Lola

mm jw said...

I love your house!

And those doggies .... oh my ... so cute together!

We missed you at board meeting!!

Anonymous said...

another puppy! how fun!!!

Elizabeth H. said...

PRETTY house!!! And what sweet pups!!

April said...

is that a toy maltese???? my sister just got one and she is soooo cute. and such a good dog! I hope it is I hope it is....

Julia said...

when can i visit you at your new house?