Wednesday, April 22, 2009

things i meant to say

i have had

a lot of pictures
and random thoughts
i wanted to post
about, but
i just keep getting
busy and/or 

so i'm just taking
a few minutes to
put up at least a 
few of those. 

on tax day,
i was working
at a starbucks
and the southlake
tea party
was going on outside
in the square.
i wasn't paying
attention really
until i looked up, 
saw this,  and 
snapped a quick pic.
i thought it was 
what with the sign
and the $4 cup of coffee...

a few pictures of
by blooming flowers.

and here is rob
mowing our first lawn 
in our first house
for the first time. 
it's starting to feel like
a real home :)

this is a little
project i've been working on.
making little shirts
to sell on my etsy.
i stitched on the letters 
made out of scrap fabric.
pretty fun i think. :)

so that's it.
just a little of lately.


Nancy said...

I didn't know you did those little t-shirts! How darling!

Rob said...

You couldn't use photoshop to give me a better tan?